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Introducing first process analysis solution built for Salesforce customers

Introducing first process analysis solution built for Salesforce customers


Co-Founder and Product Manager

A free process analysis tool helping Salesforce users close more deals and service more customers, faster.

As the Salesforce ecosystem matures, so does the need to ensure your users are able to effectively engage with the platform. A critical part of this is making sure that your core processes aren’t slowing your users down, but actually making it easier for them to do their job.

Enter Hubbl Process Analytics, the first process analysis solution built on the Salesforce platform, for Salesforce customers.

Our free version visualizes and analyzes processes on the Opportunity and Case objects, illustrating slowdowns, bottlenecks, and stages where your processes are unnecessarily complicated and may be creating extra work or customer frustration.

Did we mention that it’s free?

Exactly what is process analytics for Salesforce?

Well architected Salesforce applications leave an audit trail of data—an event log that shows the execution steps and timings of every process actioned on.

For example, when a new service ticket is created, the log will contain data points such as:

  • An assigned case ID
  • The fact the case was opened
  • The exact time it happened

We use that data to help you understand the timing and steps for service tickets to be handled through to resolution. The same for sales opportunities.

So how does process analytics help Salesforce customers?

Process analytics for Salesforce Admins/Architects: Quickly find precise answers to business partner’s questions regarding the health of the opportunity or service processes, providing quantified evidence of where processes are getting blocked or taking too long.

Process analytics for Business Analysts: When trying to improve effectiveness of any process, being able to identify and eliminate systemic problems, like why certain service tickets take longer to resolve and result in lower CSAT scores.

Process analytics for Revenue Operations Management: Carry out opportunity analysis enabling you to see clearly where deals that end in a closed-lost status are taking too much of reps’ time when they could be following up on more certain opportunities.

Process analytics for Customer Service Management: Analyze the customer case process to detail how service tickets progress through to resolution, see specific cases where your team is waiting too long for customers to respond that impact close rates and times.

What are we trying to achieve?

Process mining and analysis in business has grown significantly over the last two decades. As our expectations of the value we derive from business systems has increased, so has the need to understand how users engage with that technology to determine how we can do things even better and faster.

But the journey to optimization has been a manual and time consuming effort.

Our mission is to vastly simplify the activity of finding insights into critical business processes. To do this, we must make process analysis tools accessible to all; not just to those larger corporations with dedicated data science teams.

How does Hubbl Process Analytics work with Hubbl Diagnostics?

Hubbl Process Analytics and Hubbl Diagnostics tackle the same challenge of optimizing your Salesforce investment from two different perspectives:

  1. Hubbl Process Analytics looks to optimize user adoption and engagement in Salesforce. We do this by focusing on uncovering the root causes of how and why processes are operating suboptimally, such as poor user training or processes that are not designed for the product or customer.  
  2. Hubbl Diagnostics helps optimize performance of your Salesforce org by uncovering inefficiencies in configuration, Salesforce automation, and improving org administration.

Together, they provide a comprehensive set of analytics and tools that improve the value of your Salesforce investment by making your administrative team and end users faster and more effective.

Get Hubbl Process Analytics today for free.

Once you’ve seen what your real business processes look like in seconds, you'll never go back. Start pulling more value out of your Salesforce data today with our free version of Hubbl Process Analytics.

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