Business analysis accelerator.

Streamline workflows by providing rapid, actionable insights into your business processes. Confirm stakeholder feedback and identify issues faster than ever before.

Transform your process understanding with real-time generated process models.

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Visualize actual processes

Quickly generate interactive process maps with no data preparation required.

Confirm stakeholder opinions

Validate or challenge subjective information with objective data insights.

Identify bottlenecks fast

Pinpoint process issues by filtering by channel, team, product, and more.

How to create an interactive process model with Hubbl Process Analytics:

1. Select parameters

Use the Hubbl Process Analytics Wizard to choose the central object, timeframe, and fields like product, channel, and severity.

2. Integrate related objects

Select related objects for processes that run across Salesforce applications, such as Leads converting to Opportunities.

3. Visualize processes

Create a process visualization for all instances within the selected timeframe, noting the number of records and average time taken.

4. Analyze statistics

Review auto-generated statistics to see record counts, process variations, and completion times for each.

5. Confirm reported issues

Use color-coded diagrams to see which steps are slower on average, and apply filters to focus on reported problems.

Elevate your process analysis.

Instant installation

Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce for immediate use without data prep.

Effortless process mapping

Generate comprehensive, interactive process maps quickly and easily.

Data-driven decisions

Make informed decisions with objective insights, validating and enhancing stakeholder input.

Free, simple, actionable process analytics for Salesforce.

Experience the power of instant process analysis today. Transform how you manage and optimize your Salesforce processes with Hubbl Process Analytics.

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