Process improvement tracking.

The fastest and easiest way to see the value of every change in your Salesforce environment. Validate your team's hard work, ensure consultant efficacy, and stay ahead of market shifts with rapid process insights.

Turn every configuration and automation update into measurable improvements with Hubbl Process Analytics.

Low lift impact tracking

Quickly see how changes affect your processes without manual reports.

Consultant project visibility

Ensure improvements are performing as promised.

Process drift monitoring

Detect changes over time due to evolving conditions like new competitors.

How to perform before-and-after process analysis in 5 simple steps:

1. Select parameters

Use the Hubbl Process Analytics Wizard to choose the Salesforce objects, timeframe, and fields for your analysis.

2. Visualize processes

Generate a process visualization of instances within your specified timeframe, noting record counts and average durations.

3. Define 'before' view

Apply a filter to include only records that end before the change implementation, and save this as your 'before' view.

4. Define 'after' view

Apply a filter to include only records that start after the change implementation, and save this as your 'after' view.

5. Compare views

Utilize the Compare feature to view the 'before' and 'after' side by side, displaying average process times and variations in steps.

See the difference your improvements make.

Instant installation

Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce for immediate use without data prep.

Effortless impact analysis

Similar to how web analytics track small tweaks, easily measure the effects of minor process changes.

Data-driven decisions

Leverage detailed insights to validate and optimize your business processes effectively.

Free, simple, actionable process analytics for Salesforce.

Experience the power of instant process analysis today. Transform how you manage and optimize your Salesforce processes with Hubbl Process Analytics.

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