Customer service optimization.

Identify, analyze, and address inefficiencies in your customer service processes—fast.

Streamline your customer service operations with agent-first actions.

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Enhanced call handling

Easily identify and address inefficiencies in call handling across all channels.

Proactive issue resolution

Isolate and resolve service bottlenecks to maintain high CSAT scores.

Empower frontline agents

Provide real-time feedback and insights directly within Salesforce to guide agent actions.

How to analyze service process bottlenecks with Hubbl Process Analytics:

1. Select parameters

Use the Hubbl Process Analytics Wizard to choose the Case object, timeframe, and relevant fields like product, channel, and severity.

2. Visualize processes

Create a process visualization showing all instances within the selected timeframe, noting the number of records and average time taken.

3. Identify slow paths

Focus on process paths with a high average completion time and select these for further analysis.

4. Drill down on issues

Examine specific steps that are slowing the process and delve deeper into these areas.

5. Focus on field values

Analyze field values for consistently slow processes to pinpoint where to direct questions to team leads.

Drive efficiency and improve service.

Instant installation

Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce for immediate use without data prep.

Effortless impact analysis

Easily measure the effects of small changes, just like tracking web analytics.

Data-driven decisions

Leverage detailed insights to validate and optimize your business processes effectively.

Free, simple, actionable process analytics for Salesforce.

Experience the power of instant process analysis today. Transform how you manage and optimize your Salesforce processes with Hubbl Process Analytics.

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