Hubbl Process Analytics

Visualize and optimize your business process, inside Salesforce, for the first time.

Unveil inefficiencies and streamline sales and service processes—fast.

Ease bottlenecks

Pinpointing the root cause of inefficiencies at scale is difficult. See high impact bottlenecks in minutes with powerful visualizations.

Decrease costs

Inefficiencies are expensive. Optimize resources and increase speed-to-market by understanding the full picture.

Build happy teams

Bad processes lead to frustrated teams. Drive productivity, identify coachable moments, and enable meaningful work through optimized workflows.

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The only process analysis app for Salesforce.

Because Hubbl Process Analytics is a native Salesforce app, you’ll gain access to immediate insights with no information security concerns.

Utilizing your existing field history tracking data, the tool generates simple yet powerful visualizations to drive optimized processes and efficient sales and service teams—all without leaving the Salesforce platform.

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Hubbl Process Analytics graphic
Hubbl Process Analytics graph

Powerful, easy to understand visualizations.

We believe process analysis should be simple, efficient, and accessible for all.

Traditionally, process analysis required the help of external consultants. However, this method is time-consuming, expensive, and leaves the expertise and insights with an external team.

Discover the why.

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Hubbl Process Analytics

for Sales

Do you know why you win or lose deals? Pinpoint the moments that matter by seeing your win vs. loss processes in action. Reduce friction points, shorten your sales cycle, and forecast with confidence.

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Hubbl Process Analytics

for Service

The first step to improving the customer support process is understanding it. Resolve cases faster and provide a more seamless customer experience by seeing process variants and bottlenecks in real-time. 

“Now we can visualize our processes as they actually are, not what we think they are.”

What is process analysis?

No doubt, you’ve likely felt the frustrations of process debt. Simple tasks are never simple; complex systems impede results; multi-tasking is expected; innovation feels slow.

Process analysis is the first step in identifying broken processes and fixing them. It enables you to diagnose the root cause of bottlenecks and system issues that impact your bottom line by understanding how people use technology.

Hubbl Process Analytics graph

We take privacy and data security seriously.

All your data lives and stays in your environment and we don't have access to it—so you can focus on optimizing your processes, not data safety.

Hubbl Process Analytics is installed in your Salesforce org and operates in your already secure environment. Your data is queried into a secure snapshot which is stored in your org and follows native Salesforce record security rules.

Your path to better processes starts here.

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