Hubbl Process Analytics

Gain end-to-end visibility into your revenue cycle with process analytics.

Insights alone don’t cut it, RevOps teams need immediate action.


Instant process visualization and issue analysis gets you right to the point. Show blockages to frontline team members and answers to leadership teams.


Personalized insights nudge reps and agents to complete critical actions and capture them in Salesforce, ensuring process visibility.


Isolate problem cases and opportunities and compare against best in class. Empower frontline team members to change outcomes before they hit the bottom line.

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Align Salesforce business processes.

Cut critically through -Marketing-Sales-Service- to align and optimize the end-to-end process. Expose process bottlenecks, poor handoffs, and low Salesforce adoption and identify specific cases where issues are common.

Because Hubbl Process Analytics directly accesses the data in your Salesforce org, the insights are available within minutes of installing and connecting to the data.

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Address RevOps’ pressure points.

Inefficient processes slow your revenue cycle, so there’s constant pressure to optimize. Hubbl Process Analytics locates the slowdowns and quantifies the downstream effects of new automations and updated policies.

Based on the rep’s or agent’s own performance, Hubbl Process Analytics directs them to take corrective action as they update Salesforce.

“Now we can visualize our processes as they actually are, not what we think they are. The data doesn’t lie”

Discover the why.

Hubbl Process Analytics

for Sales

How quickly can you understand the steps that lead to the highest win-loss ratio? What missed information causes deals to go south? Which types of deals close the fastest, which ones drag out the sales cycle? Get quantified answers fast.

Hubbl Process Analytics

for Service

The first step to improving the customer support process is understanding it. Resolve cases faster and provide a more seamless customer experience by seeing process variants and bottlenecks in detail by team, by product, by market segment.

Hubbl Process Analytics

for Marketing

Are well qualified leads being wasted during poor sales execution? Do slow moving leads convert better than fast movers? Quantify the effectiveness of demand generation activities. 

What is process analysis?

No doubt, you’ve likely felt the frustrations of process debt. Simple tasks are never simple; complex systems impede results; multi-tasking is expected; innovation feels slow.

Process analysis is the first step in identifying broken processes and fixing them. It enables you to diagnose the root cause of bottlenecks and system issues that impact your bottom line by understanding how people use technology.

Hubbl Process Analytics works with any process implemented on Salesforce, on any object or combination of related objects.

We take privacy and data security seriously.

Hubbl Process Analytics is installed in your Salesforce org and operates in your already secure environment via either SAML2.0 or SSO, no additional sign in is required.

Available as a Managed Package available on Salesforce App Exchange, it has passed Salesforce’s stringent security review.

It’s a 100% Native Salesforce Application built entirely on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, exactly as Sales, Service and Experience Clouds, sharing Salesforce’s core technology stack and is covered by Salesforce’s application security controls required for ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 Compliance.

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