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Founder’s Mentality: Meet the team who’s democratizing process analysis 

Founder’s Mentality: Meet the team who’s democratizing process analysis 

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

Founder’s Mentality: Meet the team who’s democratizing process analysis 

Jeremy, Ed, and Gam are a small team spread across the globe in Montreal, Vancouver, and Madrid, respectively. Despite being separated by 8,000 km and a 9-hour time difference, they work together to tackle what appears to be an insurmountably large (but incredibly common) problem: identifying broken processes and empowering organizations to fix them. 

Despite being a small team, their diverse backgrounds in cloud-based software architecture, UX design, business intelligence, and data strategy allow them to take a new lens to the world of process analytics; one that is simple and accessible to all.  

Inside the mind of the Hubbl Process Analytics: The most accessible process analytics tool yet 

Typically, process analysis would require the support of external consultants, which is both time consuming and expensive. These types of barriers will be eliminated with the release of Hubbl Process Analytics. Being the only one of its kind, this tool provides advanced insights and visualizations to enhance your processes, allowing for efficient collaboration within the secure Salesforce platform. 

To celebrate the launch of Hubbl Process Analytics, we had to sit down with the masterminds behind the product to learn more about the team and the world of process analysis.

Uncommon Purpose (UP): Hey team, we wanted to say thank you for taking the time to sit down with us and discuss the exciting launch of your new product Hubbl Process Analytics!

UP: What about your job do you love the most? 

Jeremy: I love the creative process of building something. Coming up with unique ideas and working through the technical and creative barriers, especially with such a receptive team who's open to challenging discussions has been great! 

Gam: The task of creating and selling software is probably the most multi-skilled form of employment there is, or rather that I can think of. It's about problem solving, harnessing the limited power of computers to make or support human decisions. We have to consider human behavior, understand complex markets, and our competitors. It’s all about being able to place bets on building this versus that. We have to truly spend time understanding our customers, think like our users and contend with a fast-paced and changing business environment, all while keeping up with rapid technological advancement. It certainly isn’t boring, repetitive or mundane, which appeals to my need for novelty.

Ed: I enjoy problem-solving, creating solutions and building an idea from the ground up. I love the creative process that goes into a product.

UP: It must be imperative to work well and efficiently with your team, especially when you’re in different time zones. What makes your product unique compared to others in the tech industry and how do your customers benefit more? 

J: We've invested time implementing the manual version of a process, talking to stakeholders and the people who live it. It's long and arduous, and it has lots of assumptions, often relying on the opinions of a loud minority. By showing what's actually happening and automating it, we can save customers time and improve accuracy. Plus our tool is cool and fun to use, so hopefully they can enjoy their time more while analyzing.

G: The goal and idea here is that we are giving people a better tool to perform in their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Our immediate users should be able to execute tasks within only a few hours that might have taken them weeks previously. We want to put the tools in the hands of those who can make a difference, such as consultants. 

E: We’re always here listening to feedback, and experimenting to find ways to best present and use the application we're building. There will be continuous updates and improvements to ensure our users are getting the most out of the tool. 

UP: Amazing! How do you all see process analytics and your approach as a team making a difference in the world? 

J: One of the things I've always loved about Salesforce is the accessibility. Tasks that used to be limited to developers or specialists are now open to just about anyone who wants to put the effort in to learn quickly. Similarly, we're trying to democratize process analysis to anyone, rather than big corporations with dedicated data science teams. I believe in education and learning, and I think a lot of the world's problems come from a lack of understanding. I'm always in favor of something that makes complicated things simpler to understand.

G: Can we make one person's job better? If we can do that, they will go home at the end of the day slightly less frustrated. Baby steps.

E: Sounds like a “Miss Universe” pageant question ha-ha! I don't know, I guess by creating products and solutions that help people or businesses do their job easier and better. Then it’s a win-win for everybody. 

UP: Thank you all for your time and insight into this wonderful new product. 

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